The boulevard of Oostende with parents

Flying into the Oostende sunset

A few weeks ago we stopped in Oostende in Belgium on our way to the UK. Oostende is a seaside town in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders). We were only there for about 12 hours but the place left a good impression.

We spent most of our time on the boulevard by the ocean. It was a nice fall evening and there were a lot of people outside. The promenade is very wide and away from traffic so I got to run around free. I met at least 3 dogs and got 12 people to wave at me. I confused one old man with my Opa, that was a bit embarrassing.

These big orange rocks are hard to move

First we walked to the north end and there were a whole bunch of very big orange rocks. They were made of metal and perfect to bang on. I liked them. There was also a puddle.

Then we walked into town. There was a fair and there were lights and music everywhere. I didn’t know where to look. It was dinner time and we found a nice little cafe called Bistro de Peperbusse.  It had good reviews on Tripadvisor and there were other kids inside.

I ordered the spagetti. One of the benefits of spagetti is that you can throw it around. I think it’s fun but the waitress didn’t laugh so I kept throwing it but she never smiled at me once. I think I didn’t flung it far enough. She came back with a bucket of water and Papa cleaned up.

…how low can you go?

We explored the other side of the boulevard after dinner. The sun was setting and it made for a spectaculair scene. There are big buildings facing the ocean. Some of them are modern and others are very old. There was even a place where the King used to stay when he went to the beach.

One day I’d like to come back here.

Tips from Papa
Oostende is a nice little seaside town. It’s close to Brugge and a lot of WWII history. One thing I’d like to come back for is their ‘Marvin Gaye’ tour. He lived in Oostende for two years and wrote and recorded ‘Sexual Healing’ there.

  • Helen

    “I confused one old man with my Opa, that was a bit embarrassing.” I definitely did that once as a kid. Walked down a beach next to someone I thought was my grandma. Very upsetting…

    Great post Mari. We miss you!

  • John De Jong

    Hi Mari; Sure sounds like you had fun there. I think your parents should buy you French fries for lunch as they are easier to clean up after. Can’t wait to see you again.

  • Mikala

    “There was also a puddle” totally made me gigglesnort. THANKS MARI!

    • mari

      Puddles are the best!