Speeltuin Groenendaal with Papa and Opa

Speeltuin Groenendaal

Perfect view of all the options

Papa, Opa and Jana took me to a ‘speeltuin’ (playground) near Opa’s house in the Netherlands. It was called Groenendaal. That must translate to scrapes, bumps and bruises because the contraptions caused many injuries and crying kids as a result. Whenever a child cries I run over to make sure everything is ok and it was a busy afternoon for me. I also got an ice cream.

Let me run you through my favourite hazards equipment.

First stop is this roundabout. This one caused some injuries, one from one of the boys in this picture.

It's safe in the middle

It’s safe in the middle

I love the Netherlands. I want to move here. There are basically no rules. For example, I was tall enough to ride this moterbike. No supervision whatsoever. They basically put the parents in charge and with Papa and Opa around that’s not a guarantee for success.

Who's the easy rider now?

Who’s the easy rider now?

The absolute highlight of this playground was a deathtrap merry-go-round. This picture was taken 20 seconds before I slit down and go my feet dragged over the ground. Papa saw it coming and was quick to the rescue. Maybe he knows what he’s doing after all.

Going round, feeling merry

Going round, feeling merry

Speeltuin Groenendaal was a scream. Literally! Did I mention I got an ice cream?