Feeding seals in Victoria, BC with parents

Mama feeding a seal

A lot of my family lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. Last year we visited for Easter and also dropped by some friends of Papa and Mama. They live near the Oak Bay Marina where you can feed the seals! Mama bought a whole bag of frozen fish near the dock. I didn’t get any but it smelled funny so I didn’t mind.

I like seals. They live in the ocean and swim up-side-down, pop their head up from the water and look at me funny. They are sweet because they wave at me. I was strapped in my stroller (again). I might have walked over to give them a hug if they would let me. But instead I just waved.

Tips from Papa

There are a lof of seals in the waters around Victoria. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a good thing but some of them are pretty tame because people feed them. Fishermen’s Warf is another place where you will find them.