The colours of Bondi Beach – with parents

Bondi Beach is full of colour.

Bondi Beach is full of colour

I was just over two years old when we stayed in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia for a few weeks. During that time I was working on learning my colours. Colours are interesting. They aren’t things, like a cow or a truck. They’re about the way things look like and it’s a lot harder to learn than you might expect. And Papa is teaching me in Dutch and Mama in English complicating things further. I’m just picking one for now and worry about the translation later.

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The boulevard of Oostende with parents

Flying into the Oostende sunset

A few weeks ago we stopped in Oostende in Belgium on our way to the UK. Oostende is a seaside town in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (Flanders). We were only there for about 12 hours but the place left a good impression.

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