A special weekend in Cowra, Australia – with parents

The way Papa  likes to decide where to go on a weekend trip sometimes is to take Google Maps and draw the pointer away from where we are until he finds a place that seems like a feasible drive. Four hours in a car is pretty doable for me. I can entertain myself by pointing out stuff I know, singing some songs, practice my counting, having a few snacks and taking a nap. While in Australia Papa drew a line from Bondi Beach where we were staying to Cowra, NSW. A four hour drive.


Papa’s way of planning a roadtrip

The drive itself was beautiful. We drove through the Blue Mountains and it was very nice. I have to admit I did fell asleep for part of it. Once we got through the mountains we reached rolling hills with lots of farmland. That meant I could play one of my games; NAME THAT FARM ANIMAL! There were more cows and sheep than I thought existed and I made sure I pointed them all out.

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The colours of Bondi Beach – with parents

Bondi Beach is full of colour.

Bondi Beach is full of colour

I was just over two years old when we stayed in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia for a few weeks. During that time I was working on learning my colours. Colours are interesting. They aren’t things, like a cow or a truck. They’re about the way things look like and it’s a lot harder to learn than you might expect. And Papa is teaching me in Dutch and Mama in English complicating things further. I’m just picking one for now and worry about the translation later.

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Petting Kangaroos and hugging Koalas in Wollongong – with parents

We’re in a town called Wollongong, Australia where I attended my first blog trip. A blog trip is a trip where the tourism people take me around town to see everything there is to do so I can blog about it. Now that’s handy because unlike Papa, they don’t get lost.

Mama got to ride a Harley and we visited Symbio Wildlife Park. They have a lot of animals there and my favourites are the Kangaroos and Koalas. I can imitate Kangaroos really good so it was great to see them in real life. I even got to pet one!

Kangaroos are about my height

Kangaroos are about my height

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