A special weekend in Cowra, Australia – with parents

The way Papa  likes to decide where to go on a weekend trip sometimes is to take Google Maps and draw the pointer away from where we are until he finds a place that seems like a feasible drive. Four hours in a car is pretty doable for me. I can entertain myself by pointing out stuff I know, singing some songs, practice my counting, having a few snacks and taking a nap. While in Australia Papa drew a line from Bondi Beach where we were staying to Cowra, NSW. A four hour drive.


Papa’s way of planning a roadtrip

The drive itself was beautiful. We drove through the Blue Mountains and it was very nice. I have to admit I did fell asleep for part of it. Once we got through the mountains we reached rolling hills with lots of farmland. That meant I could play one of my games; NAME THAT FARM ANIMAL! There were more cows and sheep than I thought existed and I made sure I pointed them all out.

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