Stonehenge with parents

Mari at Stonehenge

Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks but Papa and Mama liked it.

It was a rainy October morning when Papa and Mama hoisted me in the car again. We were leaving a lovely place called the New Forest where mini ponies walk around freely. I like ponies. They were taking me to a place called Stonehenge. Doesn’t sound exactly like a playground.

We drove for about an hour when Papa pulled over next a pile of big rocks. I like rocks as well. Especially small ones I can throw or put in my mouth. These ones were a lot bigger. We parked in a muddy field. I wanted to play in the mud but instead I had to go in the stroller.

Papa expected a big visitor centre but instead there was a place to buy tickets, a small coffee counter and a souvenirshop. I got in free of course.

We followed a paved walkway and soon after the big rocks appeared in front of us. The rain had stopped and the place felt a big mystical. The sky was grey and crows were flying around the rocks. You weren’t allowed to get close. Too bad because I would have loved to climb them. O well, I was strapped in my stoller anyways. There were a lot of people. There was also one man in a dress and a wig. Papa said he was a druid.

Papa and Mama liked the rocks as well. Papa was taking pictures and reading from a book he bought. He told us those rocks have been there for a very long time. Grown-ups are weird. There are thousands of rocks anywhere but these are special for some reason.

We walked all around the rocks and then they let me out for a bit so I could stretch my legs. I went straight for the big dog that was around. Dogs are way cooler than rocks.

Papa and Mama liked Stonehenge a lot. I wasn’t that impressed but sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Tips from Papa

Stonehenge is an incredible place. It’s one of those places you must visit once in your life. You can feel the spiritual significance the place must have had. The whole area has a lot more place of pre-historical significance. When you look around you can see a lot of burial mounds for example.

It’s got easy access and you don’t need more than an hour. I would have loved to get the audio tour but opted not to because that probably would have taken too long.

  • Theodora

    Looks like you had a great time, though! Do you always have that huge smile on your face?!

    • mari

      Yeah, I’m a pretty happy kid. But I have my moments… I might write about those some day.

  • nikki

    It must be nice to always get in everywhere for free. Enjoy it while you can! Before you know it you will be 12 and the days of getting in free will be over.

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