Biking in Whistler with parents

Mari enjoying her Whistler bike ride

Biking in Whistler is a great way to take a nap while travelling from playground to playground.

A few months ago Opa came over for a visit and we took a weekend trip to Whistler. Whistler is a mountain resort north of Vancouver. Just the drive there is awesome. It was my first time there and I had a hoot. My cousin Alex was there as well and I like playing with him.

Transportation is one of the things parents are very useful for and they found an new and enjoyable way to move me around. They rented a bike with a buggy and Papa pulled me and Alex around Whistler.

Whistler has a lot of great bike paths, away from busy roads. They pass rivers, lakes, golf courses and huge mansions. I have to confess that I missed most of it because boy are these buggies are great to sleep in. Me and Alex were out of it for the most part while Papa was huffing and puffing to pull us up hills that weren’t even that steep.

They did wake me up to play at this awesome big playground in the middle of the village. There was a cool slide with rollers. Hey, I’m a kid, it doesn’t much to impress me yet. The village was packed with people.

There were dogs as well. I like dogs. It’s one of the few words I can say. Whenever I see a dog I make sure to yell it out loud. It seems to impress Mama and Papa. Just wait till I learn the word ‘why’, that’s when the real fun will begin.

Tips from Papa

Whistler is a great place to take children. Skiing in the winter. Biking, hiking, kayaking, zip lining and more in the summer. The bike paths are paved and range from easy (barring the odd hill) to hardcore. There are plenty of playgrounds and the village is car free. Plenty of restaurants will accommodate children.


  • Jean-paul

    Mari, was great seeing you again, you’re getting big ! btw remind me in like 20 years to reck your house as well! :) Wish you many travels and big fun!

  • tineke van kleef

    Lieve Mari

    Ik vind je nieuwe blog helemaal geweldig en ik hoop dat je nog veel reizen mag maken met je lieve,gekke,maffe, zorgzame papa en mama

    Dikke kus oma

  • nikki

    Sounds like a modern day carriage ride!