Vancouver aquarium with Papa

Vancouver Aquarium

That’s one giant fishtank

Mama was sick in bed and Papa took me for a day out to the Vancouver Aquarium! Fish are my new favourite animals. They make a funny sound and I imitate them whenever I see them. Most of the times that’s in books but here at the aquarium I could experience the real thing. I’ve been to zoos with aquariums before but that was before I knew how to imitate them.

Fish are nice but also strange. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colours too, but not like fish. Some look very very strange. It was very exciting to seem them up close. I ran from one window to the other. Papa told me that a lot of those fish live right in the water by our house. I had no idea.

Fish live in the water but they’re not the only ones. There’s a lot of plants as well, and purple looking stars but also very big white beasts called Belugas. I know a song about Belugas by the way. Papa and Mama play and sing it when I’m upset sometimes. Belugas serve multiple purposes.

Me and Otter

An otter doing the backstroke

The otters are cool too. And funny! They swim on their backs. Pinguins are funny too. Especially when they walk. Papa says they live on the South Pole. I don’t know where that is but maybe he’ll take me one day. I hope he’ll take me back to the Vancouver Aquarium as well. I like it.

Tips from Papa: The Vancouver Aquarium isn’t the biggest aquarium I’ve been to but it’s very well done. They focus on the local waters and there’s a lot to learn. They have great stuff for kids young and old.

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