Petting zoos in Amsterdam with parents

Papa giving goat petting instructions

We spent a few months in Amsterdam and Papa and I went on a quest to visit every petting zoo in Amsterdam. I love petting zoos. I likeĀ avocadosĀ as well. And my yellow boots. After visiting nearly all petting zoos my conclusion is that people in Amsterdam really like goats.

De Dierencapel

running with the pigs

This one is on the side of a canal on the bickersgracht in a small neighbourhood near ‘het IJ’ where we lived close by. It was my perfect for my size. They have a few goats, ducks, chickens, geese, sheep, bunnies and pigs. There’s also a little playground right next to it with a slide and some tricycles. It’s not very busy and I liked it a lot. Tips from Papa: This is a perfect little set-up for small children. The playground is completely fenced in so you can chill while the kid plays.

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